Children are spending a lot of time at school sitting behind desks and being asked to be still. This at a time when they are biologically programmed to move, explore and adventure into the world. Mindful movement is a great way to release some of this energy. Very often the children are very happy to be still after moving a lot. What’s more, mindful movement offers new avenues for the children. This is the way to deepen their understanding and application of mindfulness in daily life.










Mindfulness is not something you can make somebody do. For mindfulness to be mindfulness it has to come from within. If children are to be mindful, they have to decide of their own volition to bring their mind to the present moment and practise being aware of what is happening. As such it is crucial to engage children and for them to decide that mindfulness is something they want to do. If it’s boring they simply won’t engage, so the most powerful way to do this is to make it fun and interesting! The  Kids Programme will be packed with fun. Children will do activities, games, all designed to illustrate different aspects of mindfulness and encourage the children’s engagement.


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