Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday.Was it worth it?

The idea behind mindfulness is to be aware of thoughts and emotions – and to understand the difference between them.
Being mindful means living more fully in the present moment rather than worrying about the past and the future.It mean learning to experience the world in a more immediate way without being constantly overwhelmed by stressful thoughts,feelings and emotions.
Whilst hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool that harnesses the power of the unconscious mind to tackle problems and make changes, mindfulness makes a perfect bed partner,because it allows us to really focus on what’s important now,acknowledging all the other ‘stuff’ and just letting it go.

How do you let go? Imagine you’re holding a tennis ball in your hands.Letting go isn’t something you do.Letting go is about stopping the doing.To let go of something,you stop holding on to it.The first step is to realize you’re holding on to the object in the first place.If you’re walking around holding a tennis ball,you can’t let go if you don’t know that the ball is in your hands.Once you know that the ball is there,and feel the tension in your hands,you automatically let go.
Using a mindful approach to hypnotherapy means that both the therapist and the client remain ever present in the process,aware of exactly how they are feeling and what it going on.When past issues or trauma are stumbled upon,the client is able to differentiate this as past trauma and as such,is more able to look at it with perspective rather than getting involved in the emotions again as if it were happening in the present moment.

Would you like to learn how to be friends with our thinking mind,how to make yourself us less vulnerable to negative mental activity?Such practice can bring about a deep sense of inner peace and a fresh acceptance of reality itself.
Mindfulness may have its origins in the meditative techniques of the Buddhist monks, but this is truly mind training for the 21st century.There’s no need for incense, chanting or crossed legs.All you need is a moment.

Mindfulness based hypnotherapy can help you access the inner sense of calm you need to deal with uncomfortable or distressing thoughts,feelings and emotions.Mindfulness is traditionally developed through the practice of meditation,which does have close similarities with the types of relaxation techniques associated with hypnosis but it is much more than meditation.It is really about cultivating an attitude of mind which can be applied in all sorts of everyday situations.

Long-term benefits of mindfulness based hypnotherapy:
– Improved ability to cope/engage creatively with short and long-term periods of stress.
– Increased calm,relaxation,balance and presence of mind.
– Much greater enthusiasm and energy.
– Lasting decreases of physical/psychological symptoms:stress, anxiety,depression.
– Enhanced ability to cope with and manage physical discomfort and chronic pain.
– A greater sense of control to working with difficult situations.

It is also important to point out that mindfulness and hypnotherapy help us to change our patterns of thinking this has a strong influence on the way we view or interpret the world around us. Anxiety,stress and anger are,more often than not, caused by our negative thought patterns.They are not caused by the environment.It is our way of interpreting the world around us, of interpreting our reality that will trigger stress,anxiety or anger. If the events in one’s life were what triggers emotional responses then, all students at university would,before an exam, experience panic attacks and all the victims of an earthquake would display the same emotional response.We know this is not the case.We can therefore see that the way we think actually determines the way we feel.Every thought form has an impact that shapes moments to come.Our thoughts define our universe. It is not a secret that the thoughts you “seed” in your mind and the concepts and beliefs you accept,feeling them sinking into you day after day,inevitably influence your own living reality.

Judgment and fear have a tendency to hold you back from living a rich and meaningful life that is based on your true values and establishing harmony in relationships.There is often a high price to pay for living in a mental and emotional place of judgment and fear.This price may take the form of avoiding relationships with others,challenging mental or physical pursuits,and even discovering your true identity.In many ways,judgment and fear can function as self-protective defense mechanisms that keep the conscious mind from discovering truths that the self believes to be painful or unbearable.No matter what lies within one’s core identity, it is often the suppression or repression of self-knowledge that ultimately results in greater suffering.
It is possible to let go of judgment and fear in your life,no matter how deeply ingrained it may have become or how convincing your mind may be in its staunch attachments to false beliefs.
It is possible to let go of judgment and fear… you can make the choice in this moment to practice a new way of relating to yourself, others,and the world.

Would you like to learn how to be friends with our thinking mind,how to make yourself us less vulnerable to negative mental activity?Such practice can bring about a deep sense of inner peace and a fresh acceptance of reality itself.

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