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January weight loss


January is always a very busy time when it comes to helping people with hypnotherapy for weight loss. Whilst for much of the year I spend more time helping people with stress and anxiety that start of a new year is always the time that thinking about losing weight after Christmas comes to the fore. The phone starts ringing early in December. This is because as time goes on and people who have already seen me tell their friends. They come to realise that unless they start to think about how to lose weight in January now then it may be too late to book an appointment when it comes to the time to look into weight loss hypnotherapy.


How does hypnosis to lose weight work?

It is important to know that hypnotherapy can help you to lose weight. Important to feel more motivated and happier, fitter and so much more full of life. However, it doesn’t do this by magic! You really have to want to make a change and if you feel half hearted about it then why on earth would it make a change? If you think that you can just close your eyes and then open them a while later having seen the fat melt off your body by magic then you are in for a surprise!

What does happen is that you start to see all of the benefits. You find that unlike being on a diet all the time you can eat what you want to eat!  There are no more restrictions on you and you can find that this means that rather than thinking about food all of the time (sound familiar!). You can enjoy your life and also enjoy your food.

How often have you eaten something that you felt you shouldn’t have and then felt awful afterwards? Imagine not having that feeling and actually enjoying food once again.

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