In Bulgaria we are saying that if you get out of the bed in the morning with your buttocks up, your day will go up side down 😃 I actually cought myself asking my son to get out of his bed leg first 😜

It is so strange how our Subconscious ruling our days, without even us realising it. And if you think about it

👉If you have negativity in your subconscious

👉If you have self-doubt imbedded in there

👉If you have low self-esteem

👉If you have fear in your subconscious

Then your day will be led by all these not very pleasant emotions…

And now imagine that you have


🔥Believe in yourself and what you do

🔥Believe that there always another, better way

How much different your day will be

So, what you can do about it?

🙂First thing, admit that you have a problem and you want to do something about it.

🙂Second, the easiest one – go to the bathroom, look at the mirror and SMILE. Keep smiling even if you want to cry, keep smiling even if you want to shout how silly and nonsense all this is. Keep smiling even if you think that being positive is out of your control. Keep smiling while you are saying to yourself – she is mental, I will never do this again…

And I can promise you that the SMILE will stick on your face, and it will becoming much easier grimace to do.

That is how you start changes – with baby steps.

👉If someone promises you that they will change your life by giving you a solution

👉If someone tells you that all you need to do is to follow their instruction and you will get better

👉Is someone giving you a quick solution for your problem


Because no one can do the change, but YOU🙂

Because if you do not admit that there is something not quite right and you must do something🙂

Because if you don`t find YOUR SOLUTION🌟

Than NO ONE can help you!

You are the ONLY Person that can help YOUSELF!

Now, go to the bathroom and be silly….😜

Let me know hot this changed you day…even just a little 🙏❤️

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