How do you talk to yourself?

I am not good enough!
I can`t do anything I want!
I don`t have the energy and willpower to achieve that!
i don`t deserve to be here!


How do you feel when you read that?
Who is this saying that to you?
Is it You?
Is it the Real You?

Is It?

For many people, negative self-talk is just another name for thinking.
Our brains aren’t designed to be our best friends. They’re designed to keep us alive.

It works like this.

If you tell yourself you’re not good enough, you control your fate.

But you also diminish your destiny.

If you say what you’re not good at, there’s no risk of failure in the first place.

Because you’re not even in the game.

Yet, we act like we do.

We tell ourselves lies.

We think we’re not capable even though we have no idea if that’s really the case.

We’ve sealed ourselves off from the well of possibility.

And what we say ourselves becoming our reality!

That is how it works! And we need to understand and accept this!

That is where the benefit of understanding comes in. Understanding does not require any effort. It is just there. Once we see something, we can’t unsee it.

Instead of examining my negative thinking, worrying about what it means about me, and trying to figure out what to do about it, I can simply leave it alone. When thinking is left alone, if there is no emotion attached to it, it eventually disappears.

The content of our thinking will always flow through our consciousness. We are designed that way. Thoughts only stick around when we hold them in place. Otherwise they are like a river. The river will have all kinds of content. We will have all kinds of experiences from that content. I experience more gratitude these days from being in the flow no matter what content is being delivered to me, and am spending less time diving into the river thought trying under the misguided notion that it will give me a better experience than the one I am having. And, without any effort on my part the content of my thinking cleans itself up. My river of thinking has much better content these days without me trying to change anything.

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