3 Days Luxury Retreat-2

Welcome to Therma Village in Bulgaria

Oasis of Tranquillity, Health and Wellbeing!


You will love the unique experience which will help you to become:


⇒ Super aligned with your personality 


⇒ Super aligned with your soul


⇒ Super aligned with your confident inner self


⇒ Super relaxed


⇒ Super clear in your thoughts


⇒ We will walk you through this powerful process inside of our retreat.


⇒ We will pamper your mind!

We blend inner discovery with peak experience of food, sun, luxury location and world-class therapies and workshops. Step away from everyday. Life to find peace and find more about yourself.

Stretch your mind, discover your limited beliefs, and free yourself.

Coming out from your comfort zone to understand your emotions, we will give you tools to accept  and deal with  them. Learn how to change your limited beliefs for more success. Learn how to access the subconscious mind to transform deep patterns which cause us anxiety, pain and feelings of failure and create a life full of happiness, fulfilment and joy.



                                                                   The Location

Located On the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, close to Varna airport.

This is the perfect place for those who appreciate and love nature’s beauty, the active recreation, and the ecology.


The picturesque beach with a panoramic view of the coastal hills and Kaliakra cape is a distinctive characteristic of the Kranevo resort.


Our retreats in Bulgaria welcome guests from all walks of life to come and train their body, explore their soul, meet new like-minded friends and enjoy a wellness experience like no other.


Just being able to spend time with your own thoughts and get a sense of clarity immediately put to rest all your concerns about your current situation. Mindful movements revitalize you for more pleasurable time. We are taking you to a stunning destination that is in tune with the nature.




Our retreat combines a philosophy of excellence focused on individual,on your psycho-physical well-being and a positive self-image. In fact, the lifestyle we promote touches many areas.



From stress reduction to positive self-image, from mindful movements to channel your energy, everything is devoted to achieve healthier life and build resilience.

Why Us?

Growing with resilient health, you look in the mirror and smile. This is our commitment to you –to offer a perfect harmony to the body and mind.

We offering you complete break in order to start a new life by achieving a significant and substantial change (from the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental point of view) in order to return to an optimum state of health and general well-being.

We will teach you new, healthy lifestyle habits with the aim of optimising all physical and mental functions, and improving the quality of life – in addition to equipping the individual with the tools needed to achieve a substantial and lasting improvement.                                    

       Your Retreat Hosts   

Evelina Kirilova


Usui Reiki Ryoho Master – Teacher
Ho’oponopono method practitioner


The method basically uses a kind of therapy which helps remove all kinds of negative thoughts from your mind.

This can include thoughts which can hold you back from your success, slowing or stopping you down completely.

These are mostly the thoughts which make you believe that a particular thing is not achievable, thus you will always find yourself not being able to achieve what you want.

I worked with Evelina on raising my energy before the events I organize. Since I started doing what she recommended,I feel more confident and I can see my customers are more responsive to my trainings. My sales went up, as well. I improved my work/life balance and am taking regular vacations, to plan and visualize my business more efficiently.”-Vesela Parvanova, Business coach for social networks business success                                  

If you want to have more success in your business, for your mental tuning, I strongly recommend working with this unstoppable source of wisdom and positivism – Evelina Kirilova.



Tina Bakardzhieva


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness teacher


Hypnotherapy uses practical, modern, and well researched strategies to help people make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time. All of us sometimes like to fantasize that life is not precarious and dodgy. But deep down, we know life is shifty. Life is like this. Up and down, repeatedly. Meditation is not to go off and enter a fuzzy zone of bliss.

The point is that the habit of seeing our thoughts as less solid and threatening can rub off and start to become a part of how we see and work with the world in the heat of the moment, away from our meditation room, in the arena of life.

Tina is an excellent therapist very insightful and will help you get to the bottom of your current issue.
She will give you the tools necessary to help you in whatever current challenge you my be going thru.
Her hypnotic abilities can help greatly get in touch with your subconscious mind and find the solution within yourself to conquer any present issue you may be facing. She was incredibly helpful to me and I will strongly recommend her services to others. Thanks a million Tina!” – A. Tovar                                         

“Tina is a very professional and welcoming therapist who really understands and listens to you, while giving you the techniques to conquer your own mind in times of difficulty.I am a much calmer, energetic and happier person. I am sleeping better…everything has changed for me…Thanks”

Who is this for?

Individuals who are subject to a high level of professional and/or emotional stress. 



⇒ Everyone who need to take a break in order to devote themselves exclusively to regaining health and improving energy levels, quality of life and general well-being.



⇒ Individuals who are considering making significant changes in their lives, and prepare themselves to be in the best possible condition to face the challenge 



⇒ Individuals who are beginning to be affected by certain health problems caused by stress, and/or poor lifestyle habits. 



⇒ Individuals who want to take a break from their busy lives, with the goal of acquiring expertise and techniques in order to improve their quality of life.


4 nights/ 3 days retreat

21st -25th September 2019


First 5 tickets – £997


After that – £1,997






Price include:

5 days & 4 nights luxury accommodation


⇒ Airport Transfers – Varna is the closest airport


⇒ All inclusive meal plan


⇒ Surprise Gift!

Price do not include:

⇒ Flights to and from Varna (currently £150)        

3 days workshops

⇒ Learn how to relax

⇒ Meditation

⇒ How to access your confident self

⇒ Visualization techniques

⇒ Reiki

⇒ Self-hypnosis techniques

⇒ Clear blockages meditation

Please contact Tina or Evelina if you would like to book your place. You can also pay below via PayPal. Places are limited, book today to avoid disappointment!

Tina – h_bakardjieva@yahoo.com
Tel. 07837281693


Evelina – evelina.kirilova@abv.bg
Tel. +359877532777






Retreat Bulgaria

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