8 weeks course


The company benefits from holding the mindfulness program by having a-
“More mindful individual that will be able to be more focused at work, more productive and generate a more cooperative environment. A win-win situation for all.”

A mindful approach allows your employees to become aware of new things, to adjust their perspective, and to incorporate more contexts into how they process information. It removes distractions by helping employees to be ‘in’ the moment.

That ability to isolate a problem helps them to focus on the specifics of the challenge they face. This helps them to apply better problem-solving techniques, to be more proactive, and to have a greater self-awareness.

Having a focused, healthier and more productive workforce is obviously beneficial to your company but it ultimately makes for happier employees. Who doesn’t want to have a better outlook on life, to achieve more success within their job and to enjoy better engagement with their co-workers?

Our training approach is based on a workplace training model as opposed to a clinical model. Key ideas are clearly explained with the aid of presentations, group activities and experiential exercises. The understanding gained during training motivates participants to use mindfulness exercises and read supporting chapters from the course book.

We typically provide mindfulness training for groups of between ten to thirty people. Our standard courses are built around weekly classes of an hour and a half.