Every thought has a conciquence

Thoughts and Consequences

Every thought we have has a consequence. If your thinking is mostly automated and unconscious, there are many more unintentional consequences to both your thoughts and actions. When this is happening, you feel like you are circulating in an endless sea of conflict with no clear path out. If you want to find the way out you have to start working with your subconscious thoughts.

The subconscious mind is like the operating system of the mind. If there is a dated presumption programmed in it, nothing will fix it. If you want to play an active role in conscious creation, you have to make some updates itself. If you want to be an active part in your life, you will have to challenge your most deeply held presumptions about yourself and your world. This is called waking up, self-realisation.

The search for happiness is a good of the way that your unconscious thoughts can sabotage conscious intention. You might say that you want to be happy but then spend very little time actually doing what makes you happy. You might complain about not being happy and then devote hours of your day checking in on things and people that annoy and irritate you. This is different than actively engaging in causes to make a positive change in the world. So why do we do it?

There is usually some deep, unconscious feeling of unworthiness inside that tells you the lie that you don’t deserve to be happy. At a core level there is a feeling that we aren’t worthy of happiness, love, respect. So we keep repeating the same pattern of proving to ourselves that the lie is true.

Until one day you wake up and realize the deeper truth. You see through the lie. You break free of old programming. You updated your operating system.

How can this happen? Hypnotherapy and the Solution-Focused approach can help. Email me or call me and I can explain more, answer all your questions.

Tina xx

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