BIG, life-changing ideas usually coming up as little ideas! They are coming as a plan! And then when you give it a bit of muscle, they gradually evolve and becoming bigger!

BIG, life changes are coming up as little changes! Once you have the first step done and enjoyed, you are ready for the next one and so on. Changing a habit overnight doesn`t work! Changing your mindset overnight is impossible! Suddenly start think more positive is not something you can do straight away!

Like a small baby is learning to walk…they fall, they bump their heads, they are wobbly for a while, but the walk confidently at the end.

Is the same as if you are suffering from anxiety, or feel stuck in your life or business. “I will be a different person from tomorrow” is not how it works. Of course you can change for a day or week, but it won`t be an everlasting, it won`t be permanent.

Give yourself time, ask what you actually want! Search for support! Create your own plan, don`t copy others. Because what worked for them, usually don`t work for you! You are unique! You are special! You need to see yourself achieving, not trying to achieve what others do!

Got any little ideas? I ask because I know you do….

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