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How to control your state of mind!

Your state of mind controls your day and your life.

We all had days when everything was just going wrong, and we can’t wait for the day to finish.

In fact life is not actually happening to you! You are creating your life. Your state is basically your physical and mental being at the time. Your physiology, how you hold yourself, how you are feeling. We are usually going through our life not actually in control of our state. So, if it’s not you who controls your state.

This is a very simple exercise on how you can start being in control.

Sit somewhere in a quiet place, close your eyes and recall a time when you felt powerful. For every one of us this is a different feeling. For some might be a time when they felt loved, happiness, successful.

So, bring that moment back, go back to that time. While you are going back to that time,  flow down to your body, reliving the memories. Breath in and feel how you were feeling at the time. Allow your shoulders to roll back and adopt the posture you had at the time. Relive the moment exactly as it was at the time. When you do that, take a step further – make that memory bigger and brighter.

Make it so strong and so powerful, feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside, feeling your body lifting higher and higher.

As you practise that more and more every day, for about 2-3 minutes every morning, you will begin to notice that your state changes instantly. Little things around you will begin to change. You will begin to notice that you are more in control of your mornings and eventually during the day.

Go ahead, play around with it, give it a go and let me know how it goes for you.

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