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Insomnia is the disturbance of a normal sleep pattern. Sleep is a state of consciousness, which gives an individual time to rest and build up their strength. Insomnia can leave people feeling drained and exhausted, resulting in poor performance at work, lack of concentration and irritability. Insomnia and sleep problems tend to start in isolation but can soon develop into bad habits.

Over a period of time of no sleep the sufferer starts to believe they can never sleep. They then naturally fear the night time, laying there for hours unable to sleep. This fear then causes them more anxiety and more stress making it hard for them to get to sleep easily. Sometimes, even when the initial problem has passed, the sufferer can still suffer from the belief and fear that they cannot sleep, therefore making the insomnia continue.



-Difficulty in getting to sleep

-Waking repeatedly during the night

-Waking early in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep

-Not feeling refreshed after sleep



-Difficulty in concentrating



There are a number of reasons individuals may suffer from insomnia, including:

-Disruptions within the sleeping environment, such as noise, light, snoring or a partner’s movement

-Physical conditions causing pain, discomfort or movement, including arthritis, hot flushes, restless leg syndrome and headaches.

– Loss or worry, such as bereavement, work worries, anxiety about not being able to sleep and relationship problems

-Mental health problems such as depression or anxiety

-Alcohol, caffeine, antidepressants and other medicines

-A big change such as a house move, new job or starting university

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will help you take control and re-educate your mind into relaxing easily into sleep. You can learn new and natural ways to fall asleep using relaxation exercises and techniques. First you learn to relax physically; with practice this is very quick and very simple. Secondly, you learn to relax mentally. Whilst hypnotised the subconscious becomes more open to positive suggestions that can allow you to know that you can sleep and can go back to sleep easily and naturally should you wake up.

With your new found ability to relax and the knowledge that you can relax easily, the fear of no sleep is lifted. Anxiety and stress is lowered and you can then relax and get to sleep easily.

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The success of hypnotherapy depends greatly on the client’s ability to follow instructions and a personal desire for change. As such, hypnotherapy results vary from person to person and I cannot offer any guarantee of success. If you do not want to change, for yourself, you are advised to seek help through other avenues. If you have been sent by another practitioner, then you need to decide on what changes need to be made.