So how can we go from simply functioning to flourishing? From surviving to thriving!

After I have started Mindfulness Classes for Children, my only question was “How can we help young pople to flourish in Life?”

If any of you have an answer to this question, please give me the formulae! What children need to from home, school and the community to be the best they can and feel comfortable with who they are?

Our society is sold on some myths, about what makes life worthwhile and brings us happiness.

Many students get the impression that if they don’t get really high scores on tests they will be let themselves down, everyone will be disappointed in them and doors will be forever closed. No wonder we have high levels of anxiety – in both students and teachers. Education is more than increasing your knowledge and skills base, it is how to use this to good effect.

We are told by advertisements and magazine articles that having the latest, the best or the most of anything will make us happy. Some parents do not understand when their children are not grateful for all the ‘stuff’ that comes their way.

So, coming back to the question “How we grow great kids?”

A great kid is curious and eager to learn.

A great kid is creative and imaginative.

A great kid is connected and empathic.

A great kid is a good team player.

A great kid is confident about who they are.

A great kid is resilient and persistent.

Doing what I love, found a way of making children aware of what they feel, experience and sense in a daily basis.

So how can we go from simply functioning to flourishing? From surviving to thriving!

Creating space for mindfulness is a great place to start. Did you know that regular practice of meditation has several beneficial effects on our children’s emotional, mental and intellectual development? Yes, it helps children tune into themselves, sleep better and develop better social interactions. Now that’s what you as a parent would always dream and wish for your child, right?

I am not trying to convince you how amazing mindfulness is, and that it`s something your child “must” do. No! Just really make you start thinking “do I know my child”, “what she/he actually need”.

When I tell people that I provide guided meditations for children, I’m usually met with a chuckle and a “really? How do you do that?!” But kids love to try new things. And in my classes, if you start with two minutes of quiet and build it up, you’re winning.

Children today are bombarded with information from around the globe, most of which is unfiltered. Not only can the amount of information be overwhelming, but it can bring challenges for children whose capacity for discernment and good judgement are not fully developed.

If you want to start small, sitting and working through a basic body relaxation technique is a wonderful way to start children connecting. Guided meditations are great because the kids can focus on the words being spoken. Even just a few minutes of talk followed by some soothing music is a great introduction. Gradually you can increase the time for each.

Don’t forget to use the opportunity to talk to your child afterwards about their experience. They will love the one-on-one attention from you and it can open up the lines of communication about what challenges they may be facing and perhaps help you know how you can guide them.

You child of today will make the leader of the future and they will need to be centered, strong and good lateral thinkers!

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