Mindfulness – Based Stress Reduction Program

Stress is a killer. The science is clear. Our physical, emotional, and psychological health take a beating over time. And sometimes, there’s no return. Stress is also addictive. Just like caffeine is the magic ingredient that powers our love for coffee, chronic stress often fuels high-performing individuals.
Mindfulness helps us to deal with stressful situations by coming back to what’s happening right now. Mindfulness practice doesn’t get rid of problems – while we’re alive we’ll always have problems – it helps us to change our relationship with them. Numerous studies also suggest that mindfulness makes a big difference to our resilience levels.
Of course, meditation is more than a mere antidote to stress. For me, it’s a big part of what makes life amazing.

The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course includes several mindfulness practices that help us do this, managing stress better. Bit by bit we become more aware of our thoughts and feelings (in meditation and in our lives as a whole), noticing habits and reactions and seeing when we judge ourselves harshly. Exploring our experience in the group and with the instructor helps us to turn towards it, allowing difficult things to be there and letting go of the mental battle.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is said to benefit individuals dealing with the following health conditions or problems:
ADHD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, stress, fatigue, anger, headaches, high blood pressure, sleep problems.

Among its theorized benefits from this 8 weeks program are self-control, objectivity, affect tolerance, enhanced flexibility, equanimity, improved concentration and mental clarity, emotional intelligence and the ability to relate to others and one’s self with kindness, acceptance and compassion.