People want to be Happy

People want to be happy, but somehow they think “this will never happen to me”

People want to have more money, but again “I will never have the opportunity to do better”

You want to be calmer and more relax in situations, but “this is the way I function, who I am”

You want to go on an amazing holiday, but “I have a phobia of flying and can`t do it”

You want to stop smoking, but “I will put on weight, so I can`t”

And so on

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

I grew up in society where “pleasing the right people” or “having the correct relatives” was the ways to do better. Where people didn`t even think that life could be better.

It took years to change that Mindset. I still receive a propaganda from my primitive brain that some things you just can`t do.

That`s why listening to someone saying “That`s who I am, I can`t change” or “I have to live with anxiety or PTSD all my life” make me want to scream.

Don`t understand me wrong, I am not saying it will be easy road. Or I don`t value that you struggle, and whatever you feel is not correct. No, I do believe you, and I know that you are not faking it.

But you can be happier, more recognized in your field, have more money, be free from phobias or stop worrying for everything…

With the right support and enjoying every small step which take you closer to your Big Goal.

Just like baby learning to walk…

If you want to make the first step today… Let`s chat!

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