PTSD and Hypnotherapy

PTSD Hypnotherapy

I know many of you won`t believe me but Hypnotherapy can definitely help with PTSD.

And I am not talking only about veterans. I am talking about sexual assault, bulling, witnessing something terrible and many more. Any events in the past that make you feel anxious, sweaty, or prevent you of doing something you love.

So how exactly the hypnotherapy can help?

When something traumatic happens to you, your brain naturally tries to process what has happened, making it an active memory.

Rewind is a way of tricking the mind to allow the incident to access the back of the brain and become a memory. This stops the automatic trigger response whenever the memory is accessed and stops the unwanted symptoms of PTSD, such as flashbacks, nightmares and recall triggers. The Rewind deals with the event, not it’s after effects, such as avoidance behaviour and increased arousal which psychotherapy and drugs aim to do.

The Rewind deals with the event by moving it in the brain from involuntary control to voluntary. It does not erase the memory, the patient is simply no longer troubled by reminders, triggers, or nightmares, flashbacks or hallucinations.

It is usually just one session. Yes, just one session, and it cost only £60.

Have a look the amazing results!



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