Ready for a Change?

Sometimes people spend so much time talking about themselves and the problems in their lives that they come to believe that they and the problem are one and the same.

This of course is not the case. The person is the person and the problem is the problem.

Rather than dwelling on an individual’s weaknesses and limitations, solution-focused brief therapy concentrates solely on an individual’s strengths and possibilities to help them move forward.

The versatility of the approach extends to the variety of issues it can help with. These include communication difficulties, stress and anxiety, drug and alcohol abuse, behavioural problems, eating disorders and relationship difficulties to name a few. As with all forms of therapy, in helping individuals to progress beyond these issues, solution-focused therapy may result in major life changes – for example, the beginning of a new relationship, or the ending of an old one.

As a Solution focused practitioner, I treat each session as if it could be the last. Indeed, research shows that single sessions are far more common than is usually thought.

The significant voice in SF conversations is the voice of my clients.
My job is to build questions from their answers, usually by literally using their last words that will lead my clients to further self-discovery.
In this sense my client’s relationship with themselves is more important than their relationship with me as a therapist.

I will not tell you how to solve your problems, or give you advices how to do it. I will not move you away from the problem, but will take you closer to the Solution.

Ready for a change? Let`s chat!

Tina xx ❤️🙏

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