Starting with Self-awareness

My coaching model is focused on holistically increasing self-awareness, changing mind-set and awareness frameworks in order to achieve your goals. Becoming more self-aware is a vital step forward towards both personal and professional development and growth. Before a person’s behaviour, mind-set or worldview can change, there must be an awareness of the self. Thus, both personal and professional growth and development rest upon one’s appetite for inquisition into oneself.

My coaching is a process of mind set and behaviour work, career examines the everyday actions and interactions people take, while supporting a deeper inquiry into their underlying beliefs, thoughts, challenges and aspirations.

 The first step in creating the life you want to live is to develop the mind-set to push through fear and obstacles that present themselves in the journey to success.  My clients are helped to shatter any limiting beliefs coming in the way and develop through proven methods in neuroscience and psychology.

I serve as a guide: my belief is that we have the answers we are seeking inside of us. My coaching process focuses on two main areas: beliefs and attention. Understanding your beliefs allows you to understand how you are interpreting the world and identify hidden saboteurs that are keeping you from accomplishing your goals. By helping you direct your attention to your goals and desires, you will feel a greater sense of purpose in your life.

I see the roles between coach and coachee as a relationship; a trusting, open, honest, and mutually respectful relationship where the coachee is guided but, not instructed, towards successful coaching results. While the coach should understand the issues confronted by the person being coached, it is not the coach’s responsibility to “teach” that person.

As a coach, I see my role as providing an objective, experienced, knowledgeable perspective to assist my clients as they work through issues that often involve a mix of tactical, strategic and relational components. The client also needs to trust the coach, to be open and honest in giving feedback and seeking the truth. The client is able to express themselves openly, testing ideas, generating new insights and solutions.

I use the VGROWTH model ( developed by Albert G Tobler ) to structure sessions around clients “ Vision”,” Goals”,”Reality”,”Options”,”Will”, “Task Force”, and “Happy Hour” – the realization of the end result. Working with the client to set “End Goals” in line with their values and “Performance Goals” that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound).

The coach can be of service by holding the client accountable for their choices and responsible for authoring an effective life.

Half way through and at the end of the program, I conduct a respectful review with the client to reflect on progress against agreed measures.

The importance of feedback cannot be overstated, and in the case of corporate clients, is sought not just from the coachee, but from their employer.

The coach gathers peers feedback and offers input to the client to heighten interpersonal awareness and plays a role in challenging the client to consider transformational outcomes of the coaching relationship which the client may not identify on their own. With this heightened level of awareness to what’s important and what’s not, you’ll eventually eliminate toxic influences (including people) and other distractions that dissipate your energy, persuasion and influence.


  • We determine your specific short and long-term goals.
  • We create a strategic plan including when, where, what and how to attain them.
  • I hold you accountable and keep you on track every step of the way to achievement.


Regardless of your age, years of experience or gender, coaching with me will provide you with:

  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Empowering support for positive results.
  • My 100% commitment and dedication through the coaching process.



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