Stress Management Hypnotherapy program


New research found that over the course of their careers almost:
50% of people had lost sleep due to work
22% had developed depression
1 in 5 said that work stress had made them physically ill
1 in 4 had cried at work due to unmanageable pressure
Only 38% of workers think their current employer is doing enough to support them.
Corporations are always on the lookout for effective and cutting edge ways to improve their ROI. Making shrewd investments in their employees is one of the most powerful and effective ways to do that. With the high cost of recruiting and retaining ‘top talent’ being what it is and with significantly rising health care costs, the high cost of turnover and absenteeism is causing many companies to take action that is perceived as negative to the Employee. These ‘take always’ may include eliminating defined pension plans, increased employee contributions to health care premiums and limiting merit increases.
All this makes it even more crucial today to offer benefits and programs that benefit both Employer and Employee.
A hypnotherapist will probably normally seek out any underlying problems and remove or change the effect it is having on the employee’s psychological mind as well as teaching the staff member how to chill out properly. So the techniques used will not only enable the person receiving the hypnosis to relieve themselves of stress in their current workplace, but in all areas of their life.
We tailor our trainings to fit with wider company objectives and to sit well alongside pre-existing programmes. If you are interested in providing a corporate wellbeing program for your staff, please do not hesitate in contacting us.