Stronger than the Wind

Stronger than the Wind! This little spider web was stronger than the heavy rain and the wind. I was watching it waving and dancing in the wind and made me think…

We All have the capacity and strengthens inside us, to fight and overcome difficulties.

We All can learn how to wave and dance rather than let the wind break us.


I was that little spider web once, but with few broken lines. Finding my way to hold tight and enjoy the journey was unthinkable at the time.

And harder I tried to hold, it was more difficult to do it.

Because I haven’t had the right perspective and mindset.

Learning to enjoy the wind rather than fighting it. That has changed the way I see things, the way I react to everything happened.

And like this little spider web, I started enjoying the rain, I started finding the wind exciting.


Because it doesn’t matter how weak and small we are, the power is there, inside us, waiting to be accessed and used.


You see, the longer the rainfall is, the bigger the enjoyment will be when the sun come out shining.

What I needed was


Right support
Healthy environment


What do you need?

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