The Silent Killer – Anxiety

The Silent Killer: Anxiety


Everyday there is something not quite right.
You feel tense and you aren’t sure why.
And You can’t talk to people without worrying what they are thinking about you.
You can’t go into work without worrying about whether or not you are doing a good job.
Money is constantly on your mind, even though you probably have enough.
You can’t seem to enjoy things like other people.
Making that big change is too much to handle.
This is just the way things are…


Everyone has an abundance of inner resources to deal with stress at the unconscious level. Find a way to tap into these resources.
A hypnotherapist will give you techniques to access those resources to cope with stress. Perhaps by helping you visualize doing things differently. Or finding new ways to react. Or reliving past experiences when you were better able to cope with stress. They’ll help you reframe, or look at what’s causing the stress in an entirely different way.
And you get back control of your health, your career and your life.


Make that change today. Email or call to book a session on 07837281693.

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