The switch!

It is like watching the same video clip again, and again…

Going to work and don`t enjoy it that much…

Coming home and do the same things every day…

Trying to find positivity around me, but there is nothing that I can see, at least not in my life…

Feeling exhausted of trying to please people and pretend that “all good”…

Want to enjoy time with my loved ones, but something is missing…

Starting new project, decided to follow my passion, but I can`t take out the best off me…

You can change the video clip!

The change switch is inside you

I’ve found that some days I feel quite low. For a while this bothered me, and I would wonder if I was slipping backward into the mouth of my cave again.

So what’s up with these down days?! Here’s what I think : I think that everyone has down days and it’s completely normal.

I think that society has us programmed to believe that we’re not supposed to ever feel low, or be sad, or lose our cool. You know what I think? I think that’s totally wrong.

Sometimes we’re stressed out. Sometimes we feel lost. Sometimes we get screwed over. Sometimes we lose a person we love. Sometimes we get scared. Sometimes we run into the glass wall at the bank as we’re attempting to exit the building. (Who designed those, by the way?)

My point is this: it’s okay to feel low sometimes. You’re not a terrible person for it. Just don’t let yourself get stuck there.

Remember to open your eyes up wide and notice the laughter just as often as you notice the tears.

Love the lows. 🙂

Thank them and be grateful for them; see how they help you grow. 🙏😉

You’re right where you need to be❤️

I use to think that being confident and optimistic was just the way you were born

But I know now that these are things that you can learn, and get better at

Is like learning to ride a bike. It takes effort and you have to keep doing it

But it`s worth the effort!

This is not a random process. It is the science of learning the skills you need
To be confident

👉To be happier

👉To have the solution

👉To enjoy the little things in life

Through practice connections in the brain are developed and strengthened

Is like training for your brain. Doing a mental workout that helps you build the skills of well-being 💪

You start from here, where you are today!

Getting to know yourself better, being your own best friend

When you accept yourself as you are, then you can change yourself

It is okay to be who you are, and appreciate yourself and acknowledge your positive qualities

You can embrace your strengths. You can now tackle any challenge comes your way

🔥 Because you will be confident

🔥 Because you will be happier

🔥 Because you will have the solution

🔥 Because you will enjoy the little things in life

Being mindful helps you to realise that in bad times the sun will come out again

Ready to start!😉

Ready to switch up!😃❤️

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