hypnotherapy and weight loss

Weight loss without will power

You’ve tried reducing fat in your diet, You’ve tried eating like a caveman, you’ve tried juicing in fact, you’ve tried losing weight in all possible ways and somehow, you are unhappy with your weight.
You are unhappy because you failed to achieve your goal. You failed the diet you were promised was going to work, you failed because after losing a couple of pounds you couldn’t keep the diet as a lifestyle and you got back to your old ways.


How can you keep a diet when you are hungry 24/7? How can you keep a diet that makes you feel weak or ill? How can you have a ‘lifestyle’ when you all you do is thinking about when and what will you be eating in your next meal?
Remember, when you free your mind of diet, weight loss or food you open space for something new, much better to occupy your head with.

“After trying many varied diets, clubs and gyms in order to lose weight, I finally found the secret of achieving weight loss, and this was by using hypnotherapy for weight loss.
It only took one week to know that, YES I can do this….NOW is the right time.
I am a much calmer, energetic and happier person. I am sleeping better…everything has changed for me…Thanks Tina!!”

That is a feedback I have received from a client yesterday! You can change your relationship with the food and make those vital changes!!

In 2 Sessions Course:
– Learn how and why your unwanted eating habits have become hard-wired into your brain.
– Learn how to adjust your thought patterns and change your eating habits permanently but still enjoy your food.

If you stretch an elastic band too far in one direction, the tension that builds up will try its damnedest to make the band ping back further the other way. And people do this, too…

Tell a teenage girl not to see her edgy but compelling boyfriend and she’ll want him even more.

Deny yourself the ‘treat’ of a cake, then watch yourself relapse – snap back into the habit – when the denial gets to be too much.

Only for 2 sessions you will learn strategies how to change your eating habits and adjust your thoughts patterns.

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