Willpower is not enough!

Why Willpower is not the answer when you want some changes? I call it a Toxic for making changes.

Imagine you want to lose weight. You’ve heard this your whole life. If you’re eating too much, not exercising enough, being too impulsive, not motivated enough then you just don’t have enough willpower. Get it together; you just need to try harder! Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Right? Absolutely NOT!

Most people, when they first pay attention to their health, start by taking a hard line. They starve themselves for a day or spend hours on the treadmill or go cold turkey on a 10-cup-a-day coffee habit. They’ve proved they’ve got willpower, but check back in a week — by then, they’ll have returned to their old ways.

Habits, not Willpower are the real key to change.

This mentality you want to have, when you’re tempted to do something that doesn’t move your life in the direction you want: don’t analyse whether it will hurt to do that thing just this once, analyse how it will impact your habits. Recognize how altering your habits for even just a day or two can have long-term consequences that will require willpower to overcome.

What we’ve found is that managing your TIME is a lot like managing your WEIGHT: just because you know vaguely what to do doesn’t mean you’ll actually follow through.

So, my challenge to you in the weeks to come is to create ONE new habit related to an aspect of your life where you’re currently trying to rely on willpower to make the healthiest, most productive decisions.

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