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Hello, I am Tina.

I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Teacher and Founder of Oxford Spires Hypnotherapy.


Let me show you how Hypnotherapy Oxford can help you!


We will work together to let go of Anxiety, Stress, Low Self-esteem, Panic Attacks, Phobias and many more.


Everyone has different needs: you may just want to lose a few pounds, or you may desire an entire lifestyle change. I will personally help you to choose what will serve you best during your initial consultation session. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses practical, modern, and well researched strategies to help adults and children alike make significant, positive changes in their lives in a relatively short period of time.

I Can Help With:


Hypnosis for anxiety and nervousness is a very safe and effective way to reduce anxious feelings and related symptoms such as panic, loss of control, fear, dizziness, restlessness, inability to concentrate, feeling low, irrational thoughts.


Hypnotherapy is very powerful at boosting confidence; building self-esteem and self-worth in just a few sessions. Feel genuinely empowered and energized, let go of whatever is holding you back and move forward to get the results you want.

Emotional Eating

I can help you to permanently break that destructive cycle of bingeing, yo-yo dieting or self-starvation. Let’s change your thought patterns and build self-esteem, finding a healthy approach to food and your body.


Hypnotherapy  sessions work at clearing the stress, anxiety and unhelpful patterns that are preventing you from sleeping or having good quality sleep, resolving any underlying emotional issues that may be in play.


Hypnotherapy for Phobias turns the fear and the resulting behaviour pattern on its head so your phobia becomes a thing of the past. I work with you to clear the irrational beliefs or perceptions that cause the phobia so that you can be free of fear.


Using Hypnotherapy, we work together to heal the parts of you that experienced the shock and pain of trauma. By releasing and clearing the toxic and frightening messages you received, you can move on with your life as a strong and self-assured person.

Clinical Hypnotherapist

An expert in clinical hypnotherapy, I will be able to help you to build an achevable strategy towards your goals and help you each step of the way.

From losing weight and quitting smoking to changing habits and improving your self-esteem, I can support you be your best self.

Remote Sessions

Lockdown doesn’t have to be an obstacle to taking the first step towards a Better YOU. Remote hypnotherapy sessions are effective for adults and children alike.

Why wait? Drop me a message and we can start your hypnotherapy journey together.

Image result for 5 stars –  M.A, Bicester – “For more than 30 years I suffered from insomnia. I had no problem falling asleep very quickly after going to bed, but 2 to 3 hours later I would wake up and stay awake, very often for the rest of the night. Sleeping tablets would sometimes send me back to sleep again but I would have horrible nightmares and would awake the next morning feeling groggy.
I knew very little about hypnotherapy and was quite skeptical, but had reached the stage where I was prepared to try anything.
After only 3 sessions under Tina’s wonderful hypnosis, I am experiencing a sleep pattern that I thought I would never again achieve. Even if I do wake up through the night now, I know that by putting the tools Silke has taught me into practice, I will very quickly be asleep again enjoying sweet dreams.
I awake feeling fresh and alert. I cannot recommend Tina’s wonderful, caring talent more highly.”  
Image result for 5 stars  Z.T, Carterton – Hypnotherapy has really helped me to overcome panic attacks and anxiety. Tina is a very professional and welcoming therapist who really understands and listens to you, while giving you the techniques to conqueryour own mind in times of difficulty. Will definitely recommend to friends and family who wish to change their lives for the better!  
Image result for 5 stars  K. L, Sunningwell – Tina has treated my 10 year old son for anxiety and panic attacks.  After just 3 sessions with her he is now so much more confident.  She has a lovely way with children and he was happy to listen to her.  For the first time he seems to understand why he suffers from anxiety and what he can do to help himself.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tina or to use her services again
Image result for 5 starsK.S, Withey – “After trying many varied diets, clubs and gyms in order to lose weight, I finally found the secret of achieving weight loss, and this was by using hypnotherapy for weight loss.
It only took one week to know that, YES I can do this….NOW is the right time. I am a much calmer, energetic and happier person. I am sleeping better…everything has changed for me…Thanks Tina!!”  
Image result for 5 starsC.C, Oxford – “I was amazed how my relationship with food has changed so much! Feel very positive about my life in general and able to “stop being good”, just being Myself. Thank you so much for showing me that there are different ways of achieving it!!”   – 
Image result for 5 starsS.P- Oxford – I have 3 sessions with Tina after struggling with poor sleep, after cancer treatment that left me feeling anxious for the future. At the initial consultation, she explained in details how our mind is affected by negative thoughts and stress. Tina has shown me how to relax my mind and body when I get in bed, to get rid of those negative thoughts and send my mind off to happy place when I am trying to get to sleep. Hypnotherapy has also helped me not to associate going to bed with not sleeping. I also have a partner that snores and I am slowly learning to be able to ignore it and feel much more positive in general. I came away from each session feeling very relaxed and refreshed

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The success of Hypnotherapy Oxford depends greatly on the client’s ability to follow instructions and a personal desire for change. As such, hypnotherapy results vary from person to person and I cannot offer any guarantee of success. If you do not want to change, for yourself, you are advised to seek help through other avenues. If you have been sent by another practitioner, then you need to decide on what changes need to be made. Hypnotherapy results vary and Oxford Hypnotherapy cannot offer any guarantee of success. If you do not want to change, for yourself, you are advised to seek help through other avenues.