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Mindfulness for All

Mindfulness doesn’t just help you focus on your thoughts or remember things more readily—evidence suggests it can actually play a role in your ability to think flexibly and clearly. 1-2-1 classes in Oxford or online
stop smoking hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for Stop smoking

Hypnosis can help you quit cigarettes by addressing the psychological aspects of your addiction and looking into your underlying motivations for smoking. Improve your health and lower your risk of disease.
Hypnotherapy for confidence

Confidence and Self-esteem

Hypnotherapy can help to reduce anxiety and negative thought patterns and behaviors, bringing positive attitudes, increasing confidence and motivation in all areas of our lives.
Reduce Stress

Past Trauma and PTSD – The Rewind

The rewind technique for PTSD is a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, and anxiety. It is a non-intrusive, safe, and highly effective psychological method. Call today, start loving yourself again.
reflexology for fertility

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy is a tool that can help you focus on what you need to achieve for weight-loss success. There are a couple of things that need to happen for us to make changes: we have to want.
better sleep

Hypnotherapy for Sleep

Hypnotherapy can have a positive impact on sleep quality and quantity, both directly and indirectly, through several different pathways. There are specific approaches that help induce relaxation and improve body functions that influence sleep.

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Pricing Table

Single sessions are perfect to discover Hypnotherapy.
Therapy Packages allow you to unlock great savings and experience lasting benefits.


£ 65
Consultation and Hypnotherapy session
  • Expert practitioner
  • Personalised treatment
  • 60 minutes session
  • Perfect for first-timers
  • Discover the benefits of Hypnotherapy

Rewind Therapy

£ 65
Rewind Therapy for trauma and PTSD
  • Specially tailored treatment plan
  • Effective tool for PTSD and Trauma
  • Usually 1 to 3 sessions
  • Internationally recognised therapy
  • Free Relaxation Recordings

Smoking Cessation

$ 200
Quit smoking in just one session
  • Expert practitioner
  • Personalised Solution Focused approach
  • 1 session + support for a month
  • Unique and powerful approach
  • Free Relaxation recordings
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