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Melissa Westbrook

Tina has made such a big difference to my everyday life. As a sufferer of a mast cell disorder I have spent the last 20 years in a state of constant red alert. She helped me access the part of my brain that was causing my underlying anxiety and gave me a simple technique to calm it down. Whilst Tina has great techniques and advice to offer, it is her attentiveness and her desire to understand your personal circumstances that makes her really special. She took a great deal of time to understand my medical condition.

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Jack Fairbrother

Before working with Tina, I was incredibly jittery, tense and disturbed by negative family experiences. Her sessions often had two parts - a discussion to talk through and find solutions to my negative thought patterns, and then a guided hypnosis. The discussion was very effective and liberating for me, allowing me to articulate what was going wrong and Tina provided great counsel and asked questions that made me think about my problems in greater detail. From the very first hypnosis session, I was able to relax my body and mind much more easily even in my own time, thanks to her guided meditations - she taught me how to relax! I only stopped because I had another therapy course available to me which also provided me with what I needed. I'd highly recommend Tina for those suffering with anxiety and negative thought patterns, and need to explore the reason why those patterns exist, as well as for those who feel they are always 'on edge' and tense in social and in isolated situations.

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Plamen Enchev

Two years ago I was nervous and anxious. I’ve had some disappointments in my private life I’ve lost my passion, I’ve lost my sleep. The things went from bad to worse as I was not capable to cope with my tasks at work. My whole world was ready to ruin. Than one day a friend of mine told me that I should try something unconventional, so I decided to try hypnotherapy with Tina. At the beginning it was a bit strange, but after some sessions I started to feel a change. Then Tina gave me a record with a relaxation session I’ve started to listen before going to bed. It was relaxing and inspiring at the same time. Then gradually I’ve started to believe to myself, I’ve started to dream again, I’ve started to live again. It was like my revival. Now I am a happy man, I love my life, I love myself, I enjoy every single second from my life. I would like to say thank you Tina for helping me to start living again!

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It has been a year of healing and reflection and I wanted to give you an update and thank you for helping me get the point where I had the strength to take my life into my own capable hands…..I had the ability and strength to take control of my own life. And do what I needed to do for myself and my children. I have also learned (or relearned) that I worthy of a loving relationship. The years of me being dismissed are over! Tina, I thank you for preparing me to learn these lessons.

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syam menon

Tina helped me with my sleeping difficulties. I could see results from the very first sessions. She was understanding to accommodate me with my busy travel schedules. Would definitely recommend her and this is from someone who was skeptical about hypnotherapy!